EA Releases Official UFC Game Download For iOS And Android

EA SPORTS has just dropped a mobile version of UFC video game title for iOS and Android, featuring official fighters and events from the all-action Sports UFC. It’s free to boot, and you can find key details and download links right here.


The Electronic Arts announced it today, which has previously soft-launched the game two months ago in Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Russia. Prior to today’s global launch, the EA Sports UFC had racked up more than 2 million downloads, as per EA.

The popularity of UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship market for extreme sports seems to be growing, is a clear indication of this. If you’re into mixed material arts, but never wish to get hurt or inflict pain on anybody, then downloading this title would seem a logical substitute.


Free-to-play, with no additional charges, the game does include the usual in-app purchase options – EA SPORTS UFC has plenty going for it. Namely, the graphics are both detailed and refined, once again showing just how far mobile gaming has come along during the past few years, and with smooth gameplay to boot on, it’s definitely equipped to deal with what is very intense experience.

The EA Sports UFC on mobile was developed by EA Canada, which already made the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game that launched last June. The developers of the mobile version “worked in partnership” with the console game. Playing it, you choose from a roster of over 70 UFC fighters and level them up as you play, unlocking special moves and new opponents with the coins you earn. You can train your Ultimate Fighter to help him reach world star status, and there are plenty of events to partake in along the way.


The UFC also offers in-game rewards that are accumulated the more you play, and this is where the truly dedicated are separated from the also-rans. Since you can, for instance, just purchase gold in-app and essentially buy your way to the top, but if you have the patience, heart, you can even do things organically and work your way up.

In addition, you can play along with real-world bouts in live events for exclusive rewards. Given EA SPORTS UFC a whirl on the Apple iPad Air 2, and can vouch for its smoothness in operation and generally enjoyable nature. Looking for full action-packed games, then this is a must-download app.


Check out the official trailer of EA SPORTS UFC, which contains an abundance of actual, in-game footage.

The free-to-play title offers in-app purchases of a currency known as “gold” in amounts ranging from $1.99 to $99.99. You can download EA Sports UFC for smartphones and tablets from the App Store or Google Play

(Download: EA SPORTS UFC for iOS / Android)

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