Exclusive: Plex App For New Apple TV Media Streaming Store Confirmed

Are you ready to experience media playback app Plex on Apple TV? Then here’s a good news for you all. Plex client for Google TV and Amazon Fire TV done so far. Now that a new Apple TV 4 is in, alongside refreshed iPhones and a brand new game changer, iPad Pro with 4G RAM announced, which will hit the store shelves in November.

Apple has announced the fourth generation Apple TV with at its media event which also includes its own Apple Store, along with an SDK for developers to create their own apps, also had some developers on-stage to show off games and shopping experience, one app is more highly anticipated than just any other, what it is?


It’s Plex. The popular media playback app, available for other set top boxes in both official and unofficial capacities, seems to be ready for the App Store on Apple TV 4, but would people behind Plex be interested in making their app for the newly opened tvOS platform?

In an interview, Plex’s developers said:

We are very excited to have a crack at bringing our users Apple TV. It’s been a long requested platform and we’re excited to work on it. We want it, our users want it…and we’re anxiously awaiting the tvOS developer beta info, so we can finally dig in.

Of course we have started digging in and looking at it, but we have some bigger questions to answer before we can set any expectations.

Though it is confirmed, predictably at this early stage, there is no timescale for when Plex will be available on the new Apple TV. In fact that hardware itself won’t be shipping for a few weeks yet anyway. If Plex does indeed get built for the Apple TV, and most probably finds its way through Apple’s App Store testing, the hugely capable media playback application could be one of the biggest hits of the new device’s App Store.

Finally, Plex Founder on Apple TV: There is no question we will be able to offer Plex on the platform.

(source: ITworld)

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