Google’s VR Cardboard Camera App For iOS Released, Lets You Create 360-Degree Virtual Reality Photos


Google has finally made its Cardboard Camera app available for iPhone and iPad users after being an exclusive for its own Android platform. The tool that helps users in creating 360-degree VR photos and that simple app is now available to download from Apple’s iOS App Store.

Cardboard although puts virtual reality on your iPhone, and the said app lets you set up a Cardboard viewer and includes a few experiences to get you started. It also allows users to take 3D photos, mainly panoramas, and then share them with friends, and those images VR photos which Google calls it can be viewed by anyone using a smartphone-based VR headset, such as namely Google Cardboard headset.

With the release of Cardboard Camera app for iOS, Google also added a new sharing feature, the iOS compatibility and the aforementioned ability to share VR photos with friends and family is a new addition for the app, now on Android as well. The sharing is handled via a sharing link the app creates, ready to be sent to the recipient.

Using Cardboard Camera app, iOS users can select multiple photos to create a virtual photograph album, tap the share icon, and the app will generate a link that can be shared easily. Furthermore, these 360-degree images can be viewed via VR viewer like Google Cardboard, complete with recorded ambient audio.

The newly released Cardboard Camera app should not be confused with other Google’s Cardboard-related iOS app, Google cardboard, which allows users to view VR content and the like. Here’s what App Store description of the app says, with Cardboard Camera app, you can look around to explore the image in all directions, and even hear sound recorded while you took the photo to hear the moment exactly as it happened. To capture a VR photo, hold your phone vertically, tap record, then turn around as though you’re taking a panorama.

Google’s fixation with Virtual Reality has stretched as far as its OEMs like Samsung and LG, and Apple has so far refused to be drawn into the market. It’s would be a big chance however, the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual-lens camera system could potentially be dealing for creating VR content. No idea! Note: Google is widely expected to reveal more information about its new, Android-based Daydream VR platform at an event on October 4.

Interested: Both Google Cardboard and Cardboard Camera App can be downloaded from the App Store for free now.

(Download: Cardboard Camera app for iPhone and iPad on App Store)

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