Google’s ‘Hands Free’ Payment System In Testing On Android And iOS

Announced a pilot program by Google for its “Hands Free” payment service, allowing customers in the southern part of the San Fransisco Bay Area to pay for products and services hands free using a photograph for confirmation over Bluetooth.


As the name implies, Hands Free is aimed at allowing people to make purchases without the need to pull out a phone or wallet. Google’s new creation only requires customers to create a profile (of course with photo) through the Hands Free app. Available for both iOS and Android mobiles.

How it works? When a location that supports Hands Free payments, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location services on the phones will communicate with the store’s cash point-of-sale system and ready to make payment, customers can say “I’ll pay with Google,” and the cashier will confirm the payment using the person’s initials and the photo associated with the Hands Free app, which actually displayed to the cashier on the cash counter and register.


In select locations, however, Google is using a visual identification via an in-store camera to confirm identity based on the Hands Free profile picture. With Android Pay, Hands Free does not transmit full card details to retailer, though, purchases made send notifications to that installed phone. Said by Google, it sends alerts if any unusual activity is detected and suspicious transactions made, won’t go through without approval.

Currently, Hands Free payment options are available at select locations n the South Bay, including McDonald’s and Papa John’s Pizza.

You can now download Hands Free app for your iPhone directly from the iOS App Store for free. For Android , the app is already there to grab.

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