Google’s New Android App Releases For iOS To Help Friends Hang Out

Google has today launched an all-new Who’s Down mobile app, making it easier for individual see if their friends are up hanging out. The app, which requires an invite in order to use and is currently available on both iOS and Android App Stores, making it possible for people to tell their friends whether they’re free to hang out or not without ever typing a word.

It’s an invite-only app that simply shows you whether you’re “down” to hang out –presumably, once you have confirmed that you are indeed “down,” your friends nearby will see that status and include you in whatever wonderful activities they have planned.

Using Who’s Down is a case of a user being present with the Who’s Down For question
With the end of that sentence being made up from a selection of popular choices or a custom entry. That question is then sent to a user’s friends. Their friends’ phones then respond based on a switch that determines if they are up for hanging out or not, instantly presenting a list of available friends to the users who sent out the invite.

Once you have confirmed you’re “down,” you can add a status message to say just what you’re “down” for, be it a quiet evening with a few close friends or a booze-fueled night of debauchery that doesn’t end until someone’s in the hospital. Obviously, there are group chatting features included, as well.

There is a built-in chat option, though, most likely to help chalk out plans in further detail.

One of more strange Google’s app, Who’s Down goes up against apps such as Swarn, a location-based app that was spun out of Foursquare a while ago and very similar to what Apple’s Find My Friends app. Making it easier for friends to meet up for events or get-togethers is exactly what Swarm was intending to do, and now Google’s Who’s Down may have stolen its thunder.

However, Who’s Down is currently invite-only and the system is no fun for anyone. Asking for an invite is a case od downloading and launching the mobile app itself or dealing over to the Who’s Down website and requesting one. Not quite sure how it matches you with your friends, which it works with your Google contacts or people you chat with on Hangouts. Call us old fashioned, are you ready for apps with invitation systems to go away? Just let us download your apps and try them.

App is here because no one replies to your texts
Do not waste time downloading the Android or iOS app, head on over to the official website at to request an invite.

(Download: Who’s Down for Android on the Play Store)

(Download: Who’s Down for iOS on the App Store)

If anyone’s “down” to send us an invite, feel free!

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