Afterlight iOS Photo Editing App Is Now Available For Free Download, Here’s The Guide

Speaking about Afterlight, is one of the highly-anticipated and perfect image editing app which makes quick and straight forward editing simply superb. For iOS, Afterlight has long been a favorite of casual photographers across the worlld who are looking to turn their photo shots into works or art. This popular image editing tool has been around on the iOS App Store for over 3 years now. and currently costs a mere $0.99 for the iPhone and iPad. Right away, for a limited time, Apple is giving you the best opportunity to grab the title at a cost of free. But there’s a catch, and what’s that? You can’t grab it for free directly from the App Store where it still carries its usual price-tag. Nevertheless, we have hown in the post below on how you can get the download link for free on your iOS device.

Veteran iOS usersmust be familiar with what the Apple Store app is and the occasional apps it offers for free from time to time. Afterlight photo app is certainly be a part of that bounty.

Step 1: Download the official Apple Store app for iOS if you haven’t already and launch it.

Step 2: Tap the Featured tab found at the bottom. Scroll down till you see the offer, and then tap “Download Afterlight free*”.


Step 3: On the next screen, simply tap the “Download now for free” banner in green at the bottom.


Step 4: Once you see the prompt as shown in the screenshot below, tap Continue after which you’ll be taken to the App Store.


Step 5: Once you moved to the App Store’s redeem page, tap the Redeem button at the top-right corner and enter your Apple ID and password when asked.


Step 6: This is it, your download should now begin. Simply hit the Done button and wait for the download to complete befdore firing up Afterlight on your iOS smartphone or iPad tablet.


The Afterlight’s iOS photo editing app has been updated and optimized for supporting 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, complete with Peek and Pop support for previewing images and photos while making your selection. Experience the features this must-have offer provide for anyone using Apple’s flaghsip phone.

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