Jailbreak App Store: Alternative To Cydia, iMods Gets A New Detailed Walkthrough Video

It was been eight months ago we heard about the new iMods store that was under development. The Cydia alternative, iMods has garnered a lot of attention in the jailbreak community due to its functionality, ahs also comes with its last year’s demonstration. Now that in order to promote the app and keep jailbreak lovers up to date with its development, the iMods team have released another video that shows the app in all of its glory. With the assistance of the most popular jailbreaker Comex, iMods beta is up right here.

iMods is an upcoming jailbreak store for iPhone and iPad
In the jailbreak world, iMods is a true rival, essentially a best Cydia alternative that has been developed to compete with Saurik’s platform and to create some healthy competition for the jailbreak app store that’s long been the only available solution for instralling tweaks and extensions on iOS. Purpose to build seems to try and provide users with a modern package installer which bundles in a number of additiona features and improvements that jailbreak fans have been crying out for over the last few years.

Customize your jailbroken device as you need with iMods. Download as a real Cydia alternative and what to be said is a great creation from the team. The latest video walkthrough of the beta build makes for an impressive watch, compare it to the last video evidence that saw of the iMods app nearly eight months ago. With six-minute walkthrough show the beautiful user-interface assigned to iMods, but it also presents the full installation experience of two different tweaks from the start to finish. iMods gives iOS users the ability to install novel and innovative features on their devices, where developers and creators of the video are also extremely keen to show each and every one of the views that come bundled into iMods.

The iMods walkthrough video includes the featured view which highlights a number of packages in a similar vein to the official App Store. This isn’t the first time a rival tried to build something to replace Cydia. A number of other attempts have come and gone, and the fact that iMods seems to mix a gorgeous, slick UI with a number of sought after features we could have a keeper on our hands here. One that could indeed make a serious impact on the jailbreak world. Plus, it doesn’t do any harm knowing that Comex is involved in same capacity with the development of the project.

Check out the complete video for yourself and see if it gets you excited for the future of tweaks installation and find on jailbroken devices.

You can find the instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 8.4 here:

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