Inbox By Google Now Adds Compose And Reminder Home Screen Shortcuts

You can now download the latest version 1.9 of Inbox APK rolling out. The updates was the fresh bump to Google’s Inbox app, a standalone email application for those without time for checking emails. Gmail users can now by using the new Inbox by Google’s updated app to even ‘compose’ mails and on the other hand can easily create reminders all the way.

The new release of the Inbox update was a light one and as far as the interface is concerned, it certainly brought a feature to light which was expecting for some time now. Home screen shortcuts to jump straight into writing a new email or scheduling reminders.

Shortcuts called “Compose” and “Reminder” are the the two first revealed during teardown of Inbox in early March, and finally appears to work as expected. The Inbox Compose shortcut takes users to a blank email screen and from where they can start writing, and the Reminder opens to a prompt where the new reminder can be scheduled.


Notably, these shortcuts are not widgets, so they won’t give any visual feedback on your home screen. Or they do not require any background services, either. Inbox by Google app was invite-only at the time it first launched last year, is now available for everyone since last month.

Download Google Inbox APK version 1.9 from here

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