Jailbreak Tweak: AirSpeaker Turns Your iPhone Into An AirPlay Audio Receiver

What is Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming all about? Actually it is proprietory audio and video streaming technology that allows iOS user stream music, photos, and videos to somewhat called to Apple TV. AirPlay capabilities when we speak about are pretty impressive where you need to use it and with enabled speakers as well as AV receivers, it’s possible to take an iPhone, iPad and throw audio around the house through AirPlay-enabled speakers. How would you like to listen to Beats 1 on your fancy Home Cinema system? No problem; do it wirelessly via AirPlay. I bet!

Want to send audio to another iOS device? Here’s the way Apple currently working on things, that’s simply not possible because no iOS device can act as an AirPlay receiver. But nevertheless, than can be made through jailbreaking iOS device, and have it jailbroken.

Already done, then AirSpeaker is what exactly looking at now for. Installable via the “https://cydia.angelxwind.net/“, the repository that you’ll need to be added to Cydia. AirSpeaker turns your device into an AirPlys receiver and won’t cost you a single penny. This jailbreak tweak eventually adds a configuration menu to the Setings app, from where you can set a password and even change the name of the iDevice, as usually changing the way it appears when other iOS devices are searching for it, and that’s all there is to it.

Unlike tweaks that offer similar functionality that quickly removed by Apple, AirSpeaker installs itself as a sysytem core service, or daemon. Tweaks installed traditional jailbreak apps will stop working when multitasked away from, but deamons do not. No way it means user to fire up anything else, and the only time the device will be unavailable as an AirPlay receiver is when it goes into sleep because its screen is off and isn’t plugged into power. Fix it, and you jailbroken iOS device will be prmanently available as an AirPlay receiver.

We will talk later about what are the best AirPlay speakers around you and till then, having an jailbroken iPhone, iPad you can use this tweak. AirSpeaker works just fine with iOS 5 through iOS 9 and can be downloaded today.

Note: The AirSpeaker tweak’s description however mentions temporary incompatibility with iOS 5 and 6, though the developer promises to fix the issue pretty soon. Have fun and experience the real quality of AirPlay audio on your iOS devices with the receiver.

For tutorials on how to jailbreak iOS 9, 9.0.1, 9.0.2:

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