Kodi 17.4 RC1 Download Available Officially Complete With Changelog Details

Kodi 17.4 RC1 download for both Android APK, iOS IPA and all other platforms available officially, complete with changes being detailed. Here’s everything.

Team Kodi has recently launched a new Kodi 17.4 Release Candidate One (RC1) with several issues being fixed that users have faced.

Kodi, is an award winning free and open-source (GPL) media player and entertainment hub for digital media.

Download Kodi 17.4 RC1

Kodi software is often in the news for the wrong reasons, usually through no fault of it or its developers’ own. Thankfully, today the headlines are being captured for better news. With the release of Kodi 17.4 RC1 taking place after completing its drudge through the Nightly cycle.

Download Kodi 17.4: Bugs & Issues Fixed

Start using Kodi 17.4 RC1 by directly updating the older version by following these steps. Announced via the Kodi blog, the XBMC Foundation created app said that despite development having already moved onto Kodi 18, the team wanted to ensure that they pushed updates out for the current version when required.

This update for Kodi 17.3 addresses a number of issues that users may have been experiencing, and the 17.4 update’s release could well prove to be hugely beneficial for those impacted.

It has been a while since we released 17.3 release where we fixed several issues. Now the time has come to do another where we tackled several more issues that were identified. Although we already moved on with development towards v18 we do take the time to fix issues for the current release when we can. To give these fixes a proper test run before we call it final we first want to make this release candidate available for the wider audience who might be facing some of these issues we have fixed. Just browse the list below and give it a try.

We previously covered the release of the same build for Mac and Android, though with no additional knowledge of the changes involved. The current release of Kodi 17.4 brings the update to all platforms along with a changelog detailing all fixes.

However, there are no new features added to Kodi 17.4 RC1 as part of this release, but the update is still very much worth downloading.

Beyond the main points, there are a number of stability and performance improvements that gone into Kodi 17.4 RC1. We suggest updating at the earliest stage if only to try and stave off any potential issues in the future.

The Kodi 17.4 RC1 can be downloaded here.

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