List Of XcodeGhost Malware Infected iOS Apps That You Should Delete Right Now

It’s been reported earlier that Apple’s App Store was a victim of a large-scale attack, infecting a bunch of iPhone and iPad apps, mostly from China, with malware.

The trojan, aptly named XcodeGhost owing to the way it got past App Store’s security breach in the first place, has so far malware infected hundreds of legitimate apps on the App Store, and in turn has made its way through to million of iOS devices by now across the globe. Resulting in a major security nihtmare for the Cupertino tech giant.


Briefly in a statement to Reuters, Apple spokesperson has now confirmed the breach and suggested that Apple has removed all the infected apps from the Store. Eralier it were about 39 ligitimate iOS apps were identified as having been infected, and now the list raises to a staggering 85 according to some sources,while other pitch the number at over a hundred.

Here are some of the major iOS apps that are/were found to be injected with malware:

  • air2
  • AmHexinForPad
  • Angry Birds 2 (Chinese App Store only)
  • CamCard
  • CamScanner
  • Card Safe
  • China Unicom Mobile Office
  • CITIC Bank move card space
  • CSMBP-AppStore
  • CuteCUT
  • DataMonitor
  • Didi Chuxing
  • Eyes Wide
  • FlappyCircle
  • Flush
  • Freedom Battle
  • golfsense
  • golfsensehd
  • guaji_gangtai en
  • Guitar Master
  • Himalayan
  • Hot stock market
  • InstaFollower
  • installer
  • Jane book
  • Lazy weekend
  • Lifesmart
  • Mara Mara
  • Marital bed
  • Microblogging camera
  • MobileTicket
  • NetEase
  • nice dev
  • OPlayer
  • OPlayer Lite
  • PDFReader
  • Perfect365
  • Pocket billing
  • PocketScanner
  • Poor tour
  • QYER
  • Railway 12306
  • SaveSnap
  • Stocks open class
  • SuperJewelsQuest2
  • Telephone attribution assistant
  • The driver drops
  • The Kitchen
  • Three new board
  • Wallpapers10000
  • Watercress reading
  • WeChat
  • WeLoop
  • WhiteTile
  • WinZip
  • WinZip Sector
  • WinZip Standard

In order to get rid of such trojan-horse, you have to immediately remove it from your iOS devices right away. If you have any of these apps installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we suggest deleting them is a better idea than losing your device and your money. For that wait for Apple to give a green signal for the new updated and malware-free version of these apps.

How did all these apps get infected in the first place? Developers from China, downloaded a counterfiet version of Apple’s Xcode program which is in front resulting in the compiled apps containing the said malware. Apple’s Xcode is available to download for free fromthe Mac App Store but these developers apparently chose to boot the counterfiet version on Xcode from a third-party site beacuse Apple’s servers were slow to download from China.

If any updated news arrives or information regarding XcodeGhost surfaces as it becomes available, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

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