Microsoft Details: Cortana Integration Into Office 365 In Windows 10 Build 10158

It’s all about Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana integration which can be used in the latest version of Windows 10 and Office 365. New synergy is available in the latest build 10158 of Windows 10 and Microsoft wants to transform Cortana from an interesting feature into the new Office 365. Detailed some of the new capabilities, which can be grabbed right after this jump.


Cortana integration with Office 365 help user prepare for upcoming meetings by serving up information about the people you will meet with, recent documents they’ve worked with reminders regarding next schedule. For those who are unware about Cortana, which can fetch documents, send e-mails, show you up-coming meetings and so on. The digital assistant can be proactive and surface all of that information before you actually ask her to do it.

She can also give you information on the people that are in your next meeting and the docs they’ve been working on. Of course reminds you of when and where you need to be next are also now active. Cortana can altogether pull insigts to help you be more connective – like how you and your partners are connected to each other, documents you share. Reminders works when that important person sends you or contacts you.

Administrators can also disable this functionality and sever the ties between Cortana and Office 365 if the company deems this to be a problem in any way. Microsoft is imminently looking to improve the digital assistant and offer even more functionality through users, as Cortana has received improvements to the design by bringing adjustments to cards in homepage and in the hamburger menu. Added dark theme colors to its UI and recently brings flight and package tracking as it gets the update via email.

Final version of Cortana on Windows 10 and Office 365 can be seen next month as Microsoft will release Windows 10 for PCs and made it available on July 29.

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