Microsoft Preparing To Bring Windows 10 Apps To Xbox One

Owners of Xbox One will soon be able to access Windows 10 apps on their game console, according to new information outed by Microsoft.

With Windows 10 Mobile update launching today and Microsoft’s Build conference set to kick off later this month, many expect the Redmond giant to share more details about its Xbox One app store, but the person inside Microsoft has just revealed at GDC that Windows 10 apps will be abailable for the Xbox One as soon as this upcoming Summer. If such thing given the time period, should give an idea to how far along Microsoft’s Xbox and PC integration really is. Further reports suggest that Microsoft will gradually add support for Windows 10 apps on the Xbox One throughout the course of the year.

Microsoft seems to be trying to get rid of options between Windows on the PC, Windows on smartphones and tablets, and the Xbox One, of course. Microsoft’s Xbox Cheif, Phil Spencer, claims that apps for Windows 10 are a “fully open ecosystem,” again suggesting that one big better family of apps is the target here, with the Xbox One very much awaited of that happy family whereas game consoles of yesteryear were often left out the box, in cold.

Starting March 30, Microsoft’s Build conference gets underway and we should be hearing more confirmed news of just what will be upcoming to the Xbox One by the way of Windows 10 apps, and when, release timeframe.

Microsoft’s illustration of its Universal Windows Platform, showing apps extending across all devices and platforms
We already had an idea of Windows 10 apps on the big screen via Xbox One turns out to be when put into motion, but right now, we’re doubtful to say at least. That will be easily rectified if Microsoft has a stellar event planned for this year’s Build conference, which brings surprises to a whole bucket.

(Via: Business Insider)

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