Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard For iPhone Now Available To Download

Microsoft has officially released its Hub Keyboard onto the iOS App Store, bringing its awesome features to the iPhone for the first time. Microsoft has already made available Hub Keyboard for Android back in February, and today to those owners carrying iPhones can also experience the clipboard pasting, document adding, text translating action and much more.

The most useful features the Hub Keyboard for iPhone brings to the table is its clipbaord management. Get the Hub Keyboard enabled, users now have access to a clipboard history that vastly improves upon the single item clipboard that iOS is capable of offering as stanbard.

On top of the powerful clipboard actions, Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard adds two less impressive strings to its bow in the form of Document and Contact support. User-wise, you can search for your contacts and then paste in details like how you add phone number or email address, while the support for documents allows them to attacth docs from OnDrive or SharePoint. Expected that fewer people will definitely make use of those two features, but nevertheless, the fouth feature Hub keybaord boasts is much more impressive.

Gets the ability to have Hub keyboard translate text that has already been typed into a different language. Translation isn’t that easy, but this feature alone is one that could eventually play a big role in using by plenty by people. That text translation having built right into the keyboard also makes it very easy to use, and if you ever find any need for typing in a language other than your own, Hub Keyboard could have a best place on your iOS device.

Available to download right away. For that to grab, you have to go to the iOS App Store to grab your copy of Hub Keyboard for iPhone. It’s provided for free-of-cost application.

(Download: Microsoft Hub Keyboard for iPhone from iOS App Store)

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