Microsoft’s New Authenticator App For Windows 10 Will Unlock PCs Over Bluetooth

Currently it is said Microsoft is testing a new version of its Authenticator app for its Windows 10 users, which will let PCs unlock over Bluetooth, just by simply tapping the machine from a list to unlock it. Not using any Touch ID type password or fingerprint assistants. Discovered this by a Twitter user WalkingCat, which is named “phone sign-in beta.”


Microsoft seems likely to be introducing a new way to sign into Windows 10 PCs without a password, including Windows Hello support through fingerprint reader and cameras. Still in initial beta testing at Microsoft, this latest Authenticator app appears to be limited to Windows 10 Mobile devices.

In fact and that is which Microsoft doesn’t offer its own authenticator app for iOS and Android, so it’s certainly unlikely that we’ll see a similar version across all the platforms in the near future. For now, wait for the official launch of the new app for Windows 10 PC users.

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