Microsoft’s New Importer Tool Lets You Sync Evernote Files To OneNote

Microsoft has launched a new file management tool to users that makes an easy way to import their Evernote content directly into their OneNote cloud drive. Currently, the dubbed OneNote Importer Tool is only available to download for Windows, allowing you to migrate all your content from Evernote to OneNote.

How it works like an importer tool? Making the move to OneNote from Evernote is one of the very useful format that runs on Windows 7 or older desktop PCs. Users are recommended to have Evernote for Windows installed already to speed up the content migration to OneNote. Once its done, the Evernote files will syncronize across all devices, such as OS X, iOS and Android.


Soon a new Microsoft’s OneNote importer tool will also be made available for Mac computers as well, but still has some time to release now.

OneNote, as being a part of Microsoft Office, Evernote is either way been an independent application. Best playing part of both the apps offer almost similar functionalities. OneNote offering a free-form canvas where users can mix-up text, images, documents, handwriting, audio, video and more, whereas the Evernote is one kind of such tools released to collect media and store it alongside text and other files.

You can learn more on why Microsoft has released OneNote Importer Tool to sync files from Evernote officially from here.

(Download OneNote Importer for Windows right now from

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