Microsoft’s Universal Skype App For Windows 10 Rolling Out Very Soon

Microsoft is ready to release an all new universal Skype app for Windows 10, which apparently means the company now has three different Skype apps for its latest desktop operating system. Last year the Redmond-based software giant killed off its touch-friendly Skype app for Windows 8 platform, and decided to build seperate messaging and video calling apps for its new Windows 10 insted of universal app. It seems like now, Microsoft has changed its release plans based on feedback. Ready to roll out an universal Windows 10 app in the coming weeks. It’s specifically designed to be a single-app experience for Skype on Windows 10. Details, goes with a simplified look and feel on both the desktop PCs and Mobiles.

Announced that it will first make it available to members of its Windows Insider program, called as Skype Universal Windows Platform Preview app. The initial app will support video calls, messaging, and most of the basics of Skype. Current Skype app will still work on PCs running Windows 10, but Microsoft will gradually combine the existing app and the new one later. With that said, Microsoft will eventually shut down the desktop-only application in favor of the Universal Skype Windows 10 app.

Future releases of Skype versions also be added the ability to participate in group video calls, screen sharing, and video messages. Skype spokesperson says, “Over time we will streamline all Skype for Windows 10 experiences into the Skype Universal Windows Platform app“, which Microsoft is planning to do this in stages, gathering feedback along the way to ensure the app is fully-featured.

To try it around, you must be a Windows 10 Insider (tester) to gain early access to the Skype app, which Microsoft lets them to test it in the “coming weeks”, with a broader roll out expected later thi year.


Skype team wrote in a blog post.

We’ve simplified the look and feel by removing duplicative and unnecessary menus to prevent confusion between them. The global menus are now in a new, single Settings menu, and you’ll see contextual menus appear in upcoming releases.

Microsoft is simplifying its Skype apps for Windows 10

Includes following features:

  • Sign in with your Microsoft Account and link a Skype ID
  • Show and change your availability
  • See a list of your existing Skype contacts
  • Initiate a chat with anyone in your contact list
  • See that the other person is typing
  • Logout
  • Make one-to-one voice and video calls and send messages
  • Personalize your experience with emoticons and Mojis
  • Send photos
  • See notifications for incoming calls and messages outside of the app
  • Participate in existing group chats

More flexibility, sharing and group features will come in the next couple of releases, including:

  • Start a chat with anyone using Skype or not using Skype
  • Create a group and send group messages
  • Group voice and video calling
  • Share your screen, files and video messages
  • Manage notifications from individual chats
  • And much more…

Skype seems make the first release of the universal app on Windows 10 PCs and later will expand it to Windows 10 Mobile platform. Interested ones can join the Windows Insider Program to try it out from here.

(Source: Skype Blog)

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