New YouTube Mobile App Now Streams 60fps Video On Android And iOS

Now that YouTube for Android app has gained access to playback 60fps video streaming support. Mobile users will be very happy to know that Google has officially rolled out 60fps video playback on to both Android and iOS YouTube applications. For desktop users, YouTube with 60fps video streaming was already launched, and finally hits as a mobile version of Android and iOS app, today.

The YouTube 60fps video steams were already available on other main YouTube;s platforms, and it was only a matter of time before Google brought this inclusion to mobile. According to a YouTube spokesperson, “60fps YouTube is now available on the desktop, Apple TV and the PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles.”

YouTube is effortelessly working hard on retaining its dominant position in the online multimedia realm, and does by engaging audiances and encouraging creativity and content-creators, and of course maintaining a technical edge is equallt important. On the PC front, innovating a new way past high-definition content, with resolutions of 4K and beyond that already available, as well as frame rates of up to 60fps.

A whole new set of challenges for YouTube, along with new possibilities to explore, like offline playback for example. Dealing with mobile phones, however is a bit disturbing. But still, it is only a matter of time before our increasingly-powerful mobi tech gets full access to proper HD content as well, and YouTube made its step forward, released YouTube mobile app for Android and iOS devices, that too with 60fps content at 720p and 1080p resolutions.

With 60fps YouTube video may seem like overkill – while many audiance prefer 30 or 24fps for their video experiences, especially when it comes to movies about hobbits. Gamers, however, tend to aim for a 60fps rejoice and it’s no surprise that there is already plenty of compatible game videos on YouTube currently. Now gamers, after all, were made to be seen at high frame rate already.

Change affects the whole platform and is done server-side, so no client updates are required and you on Android or iPhone be able to take complete advantage of the new frame rates. Notably, the 60fps is now the default option for HD connent on YouTube, replacing the previous 30fps stock. Drawback any, could, potentially spell trouble for certain low-powered devices, might not have the faster processing power to cope wth the double frame rate. Unfortunately, sad one comes slowly and that’s the only way to move forward and is always the solution to downscale a bit low at 720p and still view your content on low-end hardware.

Big deal here is with 60fps YouTube streaming. Most traditional video content still recorded and playbacked at about 30fps and even lower for movies – at 24fps. It’s time to get yourself ready to stream YouTube videos at 60fps frame rate right away.

Note: Earlier this year, YouTube also introduced support for 60fps 4K video, but of course for the even much most modern smartphones, which tends the kind of resolution to push most desktops to its limit, after all. Most future-gen phones should be able to easily cope with these new 60fps streams.

Check this out right now! YouTube, pick up a high-paced, action-packed clip and enjoy the glorious 60fps streaming video on your Android and iOS devices.

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