Disney Launches ‘Disney GIF’ Keyboard For iOS [Download Links]

It’s official now, Disney as its name suggests has somewhat belatedly joined the series of the numerous app publishers offer own custom keyboards for iOS. With iOS 8, Apple, for the first and foremost time allowed third-party keyboards on its platform that worked system-wide, not only within specific apps. Free-dom saw almost all major players fromthe Android ecosystem pop up on the iTunes App Store as well, and then admitting the trend dwindled down. Today, we see the like likes of a revival, with Disney releasing its ‘Disney GIF’ custom keyboard for iPhone and iPad, which makes users easy GIF sharing of Disney and Pixar themed animations directly from the keyboard into the app of your choice.

Officially released its own GIF app, called Disney GIF – acts as a keyboard extention and allow users to share a huge back catelogue in Message, Email, and various social networks. Keyboard, which is available as a universal, free app for iOS 8 and above, comes with well over 200 GIFs from the get go, including scenes from the likes of Frozen, Lion King, Toy Story, Aladdin, Tangled etc., and some from Pixar’s famous titles, including the most recent Inside Out. The app will also feature content from studios owned under the Disney corporate umbrella, with GIFs from movies like Star Wars and even ABC shows like Scandal and Once Upon a Time.


Support for more GIFs from an even larger collection will be added periodically, so we can expect a good number of updates for this keyboard app. You can use the GIF keyboard in any app across iOS that supports copying and pasting images, so that’s got you covered in iMessages, SMS, social networking, chatting apps, emails and pretty much everything else. Nevertheless, there are hardly any platforms left that support just text-based characters, after all.

The Disney Gif keyboard carries a concept that’s nothing new in itself. There are several such GIF Keyboards out there already allowing you to find either images or even GIFs from a variety of sources across the Web. This will be the first time that comes directly from official source like Disney, and all the GIFs provided are free of any potential copyright issues as well, which is another plus point.


Disney’s desire to be included in the meme- and GIF-generating world, and still own complete control over the output, makes the debut of Disney GIF more. Images, memes, and  GIFs are a great way of saying more than what words would serve you for. And Disney says the app lets you visually express yourself. No regret!

The app is free to download, anyone interested in more premium content from the popular film Frozen can put down $0.99 for one of two themed packs from the animated musical. Disney GIF can be downloaded from the App Store for free.


(Download: Disney Gif for iOS on the App Store)

The official description of Disney Gif states:

Whatever your emotion or reaction, we have a Disney, Pixar, or Star Wars gif for that!

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