Official Reddit Apps For iPhone And Android Gone Live To Download With Free Reddit Gold

Reddit has finally launched its very own apps for both iOS and Android platforms, replacing the Alien Blue apps that had carried the Reddit torch for the last 18 months or so. Since been in beta from January on Android and in March on iOS, both these free apps are made available to download now in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Redit apps unfortunately hasen’t landed on iPad yet, but it says that it plans to release the apps in further territories in due course, though.

Currently, the Alien Blue is now dead and buried on iOS and Android, the iPad app will still live on for the time being whereas Reddit works on its own tablet-specific app. No! There’s any timeacle given for when that will happen, but if you’re a user of the paid-for Alien Blue iPad app right now, we wouldn’t go deleting it anytime soon.

The new apps feature inline images, night theme, compact and card vews, and shows up a simpler navigation, while Reddit also offering three months of free Reddit Gold, if you sign-in during launch week and although released an update for Android to fix major issues, including crashes on launch for some Kit Kat users.

The creation of definitive first-party apps has been on the cards for Reddit ever since it brought the Alien Blue apps back in October of 2014. Since then many had expected the Alien Blue apps would simply receive new names and app icons.

Nevertheless, the new Reddit apps have a feel of being an Alien Blue with some design makeover thrown into the mix, instead, these apps are whole new affirs, which Alien Blue users will immediately feel at home. While Alien Blue’s popular Night Mode lives on, joined by new features such as a speed reading mode that utterly makes it more quicker and easier to navigate lengthy threads.

In order to try it out and get people iunvolved with the official Reddit apps and make them move away from third-party solutions they currently take advantage of, Reddit is offering people who download the app within its first seven days a free trial of its gold-level membership. Of course, this move comes directly to prove to be a masterstroke on Reddit’s part.


Highlights of Reddit Apps for Android and iPhone

  • Browse all of Reddit, wherever you are
  • Search and discover communities by topic or interest
  • Submit your own comments, images, links, and stories for others to view and discuss
  • Customize Reddit with themes (including night theme)
  • View in either compact view or card view
  • Stay up to date with your orangereds with Inbox: messages, comment replies, post replies, and mentions.

For the free trial alone, we recommend you giving the official Reddit apps for iOS and Android a try. Both live in their respective app stores right now!

(Download: Reddit for iPhone on the iOS App Store)

(Download: Reddit for Android on the Google Play Store)

Alex Le, VP of Consumer Product in the announcement post, said:

This is the beginning of our journey with you, our app users. For everyone joining us on this ride, you can expect a lot of updates and new features that we’ll be rolling out to mobile first. Our first feature releases are getting prepared now and we’ll be updating at least once a month. Of course, if you already have an app you like, you’re free to continue enjoying it. We will continue to support our free public API.

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