Official: WhatsApp Web Client For iPhone Now Available

Eight months after WhatsApp Web Client arrived onto Android, has evidently made its way into the iOS platform, works for iPhone, iPad etc. The service which was actually launched late January this yearned exclusive to almost every other smartphone platform out there, but Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. Now thate users will be able to use WhatsApp directly from their favorite desktop web browser.

WhatsApp is officially listing iPhone support on its web client page, but not everyone has the feature yet – as with many new WhatsApp features, it’s being switched on in stages. How long it will take to arrive for all iPhone users is anyone’s guess. The road to WhatsApp Web was a long run, so we can only assume it will be switched on for all imminently.

WhatsApp initially launched its Web Client with support for Android, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, and even the Nokia S60 and S40. Definitely the iPhone had missed that on what was easily one of the hottest service rollouts of the year, which was evidently followed by an explanation from the team behind WhatsApp as well. Until today, the iPhone users had to rely on jailbreak tweak to force support for WhatsApp Web Client on iOS.

Nevertheless, it’s official now as its support being rolled out, jailbreak will no longer be required to use WhatsApp in your desktop Web browser.

To get WhatsApp Web Client working on your iPhone, simply navigate to Settings menu from the WhatsApp app on your phone and tap the WhatsApp Web option. The service is still rolling out to users around the world as we speak and mentioned above. If you cannot see the is option right now, no need to panic or worry as you will certainly receive the update soon enough.

Once you see the service enabled, tap WhatsApp Web followed by Scan QR Code. This will eventually launch a QR Code scanner. Now using your desktop browser, head over to and sacn the visible QR code using your phone. I, you should now see the desktop version of WhatsApp.

Note: Make sure you’re running on the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone. Simply launch the App Store, head to the Updates section and see if any update for WhatsApp for iOS is pending.

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