Periscope Live Stream App For Android Released Two Months After iOS Debut, Download Now

We are talking about Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app which was attempted to change the game once more with the launch of Periscope for iOS – an app that allows users to stream live video to their followers. Users waren’t sure at that time, how long it would take for the app hit Android stores. Finally, on Tuesday saw Periscope coming to Android, arrived exactly two months after the original launch for the iPhone. Details on what actually you can make with the Periscope Android app can be found right away, below.

Now that Periscope surfaces on Android, available to download. Periscope version for Android has all the functionality of the iOS version, but with some new perks, including a “return to broadcast feature” to jump back into a stream when pulled out to attend to something else on your device without the need to sift through hundreds of notifications to find the feed that you left. In case you haven’t tried out Periscope, then it’s time to take the cahnce. The app that lets you stream live video to your Twitter followers, alongside a number of interesting features that make it unique.

The Android version of Periscope takes cues from Google’s Material Design from Lollipop. Additional design elements include the ability to hide comments from live streams, and nevertheless, see some new, Android-only feature for now, like controlling the kind of notifications that you receive (for instance, you can even be notified only when someone shares a broadcast, and not when they start streaming etc). You can even toggle saving broadcasts automatically to your device’s internal storage.

How Twitter has interestingly followed the launch of Meerkat – another popular live video streaming app for iOS and Android – on Google’s smartphone and tablet operating system. Meerkat has seen huge success when it emerged on iOS and Android, but at that time many users compalining about broken links and generally shaky performance. Right now, on the other hand, Periscope, being backed by Twitter and offering a more stable experience over all.

The Android Periscope app has more features such as granular controls over Push Notification settings, Resume notification and more.

Periscope for Android is available for free over at the Google Play Store.


(Download: Periscope for Android on the Play Store)

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