Popcorn Time For iOS Non-Jailbreak Version Hits 1.1 Million Downloads

Usually apps or service that serves up instant access to popular movies and TV shows will always garner a lot of attention from the masses. Popcorn Time also comes to the same category, the developers behind it managed to collect quite a lot of attention for potentially the wrong reasons, have shared some statistics to show how much hype an iOS app of this particular type can get in terms of downloads.

The infamous app for streaming video torrents, Popcorn Time has indeed passed 1 million download on non-jailbroken iOS devices, and it’s the seven-gigit mark crossed in just a few days ago. According to the developers behind the Popcorn Time service, they managed to surpass a significant milestone, by hitting the one million downloads mark for their iOS app just “a few days ago.”

Actualy managed to witness what seems to be a snowball effect by hrnessing up another 100,000 downloads to take the total to approximately 1.1 million. Popcorn Time is essentially an app / online service that streams video directly from torrents, negating the need to download the whole thing before playback can actually take place. Sometimes referred to as the “Netflix for Torrents” or even the “Netflix for Pirates,” Popcorn Time is seen as a major threat to Netflix, and Hollywood in general.

Nevertheless, by utilizing streaming technology, Popcorn Time can instantly serve up an almost never-ending line of HD movies and TV shows content. Success of the service and app is there all to see much to disappontment of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. For iOS grabbing the milestone is an unique case, achieved integrating a special iOS installer that slips a Popcorn Time build past iOS’s security features.

Worth noting that the 1.1 million downloads to date have pretty much all come since the release of non-jailbreak version of Popcorn Time iOS app in April this year. The ability to bypass Apple’s security measures and allow the streaming app to be installed on devices without the need of a jailbreak or the App Store has ensured that Popcorn Time not only remains relevant, but also extremely popular amongst those who like to consume on-demand video media.

The team behind Popcorn Time seem extremely proud of their achievement and claim to be the owners of the “most downloaded application outside of the Google and Apple stores.” Of course it’s undoubtedly a difficult claim to substantiate, but it doesn’t take away fromthe fact that Popcorn Time is definitely expanding in stature as it matures.

Popcorn Time is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. App that is not only popular on desktops, but even more hyped service on mobile devices. Given that the streaming experience largely depends on your connection speed and the size of your screen.


What do you think about Popcorn Time for iOS made its’ expected downloads milestone?

(Source: VentureBeat)

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