Popcorn Time Web Browser Client Lets You Watch The “Netflix for Pirated” Movies, Here’s How It Works

Till now Popcorn Time users had to rely on a dedicated cient app to stream movies. The developers of the service have launched a new website built to stream media and TV shows directly from your Web browser. Although, the Popcorn Time was banned in some regions, but you can download Popcorn Time client and watch Netflix for pirated flicks right from your browser.

It’s the most popular media streaming app that was only available on a select platforms, including iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows. Not that the Popcorn Time desktop or mobile app was any hassle, though nothing beats an in-browser streaming experience – especially if you’re using a desktop. Popcorn Time evidently has the website’s clean and minimal interface with a search bar and results menu, looks pretty simple to access. Once you find a movie or TV show, selecting it would gear up download of the torrent and a resultant playback of it. Up now Popocorn Time web browser client launched, what exactly makes this new experience really interesting? Here’s nothing is downloaded on your computer, and instead the torrent is booted directly on Popcorn Time‘s server, with the content being eventually played right in your Web browser.

The Popcorn Time has found itself surrounded with some serious legal actions, with the latest move in UK resulting in a ban on the service in the country, but that would hardly stop those users who know their way around using proxy servers. Building up to this day, there’s no telling who is behind this latest project as the service keeps playing cat and mouse with the authorities and lawsuits.

Currently, this particular Popcorn Time streaming website is being powered by YTS, the movie download website, and Coinado, a cloud torrenting source. Goes without saying that the Popocorn Time desktop app features a built-in VPN to help users keep themselves off the grid. Finally, the new streaming website offers no such functionality, given how downloading and streaming such material is illegal, you might want to tread carefully with this new Popcorn Time website.

Note with caution: If you do want to dive into some torrent streaming, then you can access the new Popcorn Time website pointing your browser: popcorninyourbrowser.net. Experience Netflix for pirates movies on your Web browser.

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