Portal Pushbullet Scenario: Sends Larger Files Between Devices Over Wi-Fi To iOS

Transfering media onto and off an iPhone has never been the easiest thing in the world thanks to Apple’s ultimate iTunes thing, officially way to do it. Third-party applications still make this thing happen, but try and get around that limitation with varying degrees of success, and when we talk about Apple’s own AirDrop has its own problems as far as dispatching record or folder is concerned, but nevertheless, a new comer to the hold hopes to get things right for once and for all, and considering it has developed by the acclaimed Pushbullet, might just get it done perfectly.


Portal by Pushbullet is although available for Android but now also gone live on Apple’s iOS App Store, allows users to move larger dcuments, media between their iOS-powered devices and a computer by essentially using a WiFi connection as the method to transport in a better way. There are no fetch limits, and the app’s developers say they have witnessed it by testing it with folder larger than 1GB in size with no issues, which evidently keep most people happy.


How this works? Once a media record has been sent to an iOS device – a simple webpage, QR code and drag-and-drop are used to initiate the overall thing – the app can open the file itself or save it for later. Those are on Chrome, you will be able to use drag-and-drop entire folders and the Pushbullet’s app will preserve any file system structure that was in place, so directories and sub-dir should intact throughout the disptch. Image received by the app are automatically added to the device’s Camera Roll too, which removes one extra step for those anticipated to get all of theit funny, and holiday snaps onto their phone.


What actually makes interesting is the app’s price, and with it’s being a freeware, there’s a good reason not to try it out the next time you have a file to transmit. The Android version of the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times, which should at least give some indication of the app’s popularity.

(Download: Portal – WiFi File Transfers for iOS on the App Store)

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