Prisma App For Android Gets Offline Support, iOS Prisma App Updated With 15-Seconds Videos

iOS Prisma app offline support

Prisma, one of the most popular photo app can turn your plain photos into works of art using sophisticated image processing and a neural network, was been made available to download for iOS and Android in the past. Only thing a Prisma for videos doesn’t sound so enticing now that Prisma iOS app itself has begun supporting the format. Adds art filtered video into its app, Prisma GIFs coming next? Here are the details.

The photo-editing app utilizes artificial intelligence to transform the still image into an artistic effect has now receiving offline editing support for Android app that will eventually let you edit photos even when you’re offline. For iOS, Prisma app has also introduced new art filters to videos and apply it to spit out 15-seconds snippets that look much more artistic than their source. Even better, it can process files if you’re offline, which the team made it possible by optimizing the algorithm.

Well! The bad news here is this. Only the iOS version of Prisma app supports videos for now, but the team behind it is working on bringing the feature along with offline processing to Android in the next update. So that the photos editing can be done perfectly without the need to connect it with the servers. More than half of Prisma styles are offline now, but you definitely need internet connection when downloading styles for Prisma Android app and iOS as well.

However, the Prisma app for iOS received offline editing support in August and now it gets the ability to create 15 seconds videos. Expected that the app to get video support soon and it finally here. You can now apply filters to videos similar to images and also with offline support. Process of 15 seconds videos, currently allows you to apply 9 different filters.

AI-Powered Prisma Photo Editor App for iPhone Adds Video Support
These Prisma’s art filters can turn your videos into a moving painting of whatsoever. Users can record a video using the app or can select one from the stored. Notably, video support requires your iPhone running iOS 10. Prisma is also expected to roll out video support for Android as soon as possible.

If you ever used the app, you know that it can take some time to pass images through its filters, and how much longer videos take? It all depends on your device, it will take iPhone 7 up to 30 seconds, iPhone 6s a full minute and iPhone 6 two minutes to reveal your 15-seconds masterpiece.

Currently, there are only nine video filters, but nevertheless Developers plan to add more until all their filters can be applied to both photos and videos. Not finished yet, this still isn’t Prisma’s final form: the company promises to add support for GIFs “pretty soon”, so you can give those reaction GIFs the artistic touch animations they deserve.

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