Prisma App For iOS Turns Your Photos Into A Work Of Art Painting [Download]

There are minimal ways to make that happen and it may seem difficult to believe that was a time when editing a photo with a filter or an overlay was hugely complex and required huge amounts of processing power to even accomplish.

Better, with the advent of apps like Instagram and the native filters in Apple’s Photos app, we manage to take this type of image editing, and have become accustomed to the filters that Facebook-owned Instagram or a third-party editing app of choice provides. Filters here to stay, and today, they’ve differentiated into a whole new level thanks to some intense server-side and AI rendering technology offered by the gorgeous Prisma app for iPhone and iPod touch.

The Prisma App Store page describe the app as an “editor for Instagram” in its title, and suddenly become the talk of the town thanks to its unique filters. But that’s merely for App Store optimization purposes, and really doesn’t do this amazing little piece of software justice. Literally, rather being a simple photo editing app, like an array of many others on the App Store that ship with the same filter types, Prisma is just unique, offering that can actually turn everyday photographs into works or art inspired by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Isaac Levtian, and many, many more.

Not only simply taking a photograph and putting an array of colors or themes over the top of it, Prisma uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to get a deeper analysis of the image itself. Those filters will look entirely different on a variety of images due to the composition of that photograph and the information that Prisma takes from is only a part of the initial analysis.

In reality, Prisma goes way above and beyond just applying a filter to an image, but nevertheless creates a whole new experience based on the styles of famous painters, and manages to do so extremely quickly and efficiently with absolutely no pain points whatsoever.

The app has a simple and clean UI. You can capture images from the in-app camera app or choose any photograph from your phone’s Camera Roll. You can even adjust, crop, zoom, rotate the photo and move on the main part of selecting the work of art like filter.

The Russian developers behind this magnificent Prisma experience have already had to double the server capacity assigned to the app in order to handle the load and the amount of processing that users are doing as they explore what the app is capable of.

With an Android version of the app is also coming later this month, as well as the addition to support for videos directly in the app. Prisma is currently available in 25 countries and around 300,000 using this app markets per day. For now:

(Download: Prisma for iPhone and iPod touch from the iOS App Store)

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