Prisma Artry Filters Gets Offline Image Processing Support For iOS App


Now Gets Offline Support

Prisma, the photo manipulation and editing app that gone viral in the recent times has now added a new feature to its iOS app. Prisma uses neural networks to regenerate users’ images in the styles of famous artists and paintings, as well marks a big upgrade today. The app actually sends your cat photo to its servers where its network does the complex transformation. Very soon, Prisma will be offering support for videos too, but then again, the app is being updated to allow offline processing of images for the first time, taking away as much of that needing an internet connection and waiting for overload servers to catch up. Finally, get an update to support iOS Prisma app offline.

Wait! The initial update won’t include all of Prisma’s filters, but nevertheless does at least lay the foundation for making the app self-sufficient. Only half of Prisma’s styles will be available offline at first, and other will be added in the “near future”, the company says.

Now Prisma app for iOS works without any internet connection, which means it is updated to run offline and do your photo editing. Also Prisma Labs promises “repainting” times will be cut down to 5 seconds on the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus or a little longer on the iPhone 6 range.

“We’ve implemented neural networks right to the smartphones,” says the Moscow-based team behind Prisma, “we have enough servers capacity to run full videos on them in the near future.” And also said these words, it’s the first to implement such network technology on a smartphone, and there are “no team or company ever done anything like this ever.”

Interesting part to note is that offline support is not live for all Prisma filters as yet, but the complete support for iOS app might come in the next few updates. Offline editing capabilities are also being made available for Android Prisma app soon, probably as early as next week.

Note: The offline processing speed depends on which smartphone you are using. Prisma originally said that it takes 2.5/3.0 seconds for an iPhone 6s to process a photo, and it now says the transformation would take six seconds on the said device of iOS and a bit longer with the iPhone 6.

iOS Prisma app offline support

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