Revamped Yahoo Messenger Released To Take On Facebook With Upgraded Mobile And Web Apps

Remember Yahoo Messenger, which was one of the best instant messaging clients in the past when Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat haven’t made their way into the online chatting era. Yahoo isn’t a newcomer in the messaging space, and was the company first launched Yahoo Messenger in 1998 as an alternative to AIM. A desktop messaging app, but now, it’s a brand new world when it comes to messaging, and Yahoo has refreshed its client, though. Released a completely revamped version of its messaging platform, focused on mobile, group messaging and image sharing. Do we need another messaging app?

The new reimagined Yahoo Messenger looks like Facebook Messenger, or WeChat, or Viber, or Line or else WhatsApp, is first an iOS and Android app. It lets you chat with your friends and create group conversations. Gone is the availability status, quirky screen names and other old metaphors. You can now use Yahoo Messenger to chat with your collegues just like you would in any other modern messaging app. Well, it’s trying to make a comeback.

Yahoo today announced that it’s revealing an entirely new Messenger platform – on mobile, web and within Yahoo Mail – has been redesigned from the ground up to be faster, smarter and better than ever before. The app lets you shoot something with your phone or pick photos already in your camera roll. Next?

Just like ist competitors, Yahoo Messenger compresses the photos to reduce load times for everyone and also llso lets you download original full size photos if you want to save them in your camera roll. Key to the experience is that Yahoo has created the new Messenger with group messaging in mind. New one makes it super easy to add contacts to conversations, which it understands relationships between contacts that are incidentally culled from your email adddress book instead of your phone’s, so as soon as you add one person to the conversation, it’ll guess the next participant and so forth.

Like WhatsApp, on the new Yahoo Messenger – you can name each conversation group too – maybe you can have one for “drinking buddies” and one for “weekend warriors”. Anyone in the group can add another chat buddy. Yahoo is the company behind Flickr after all. The app also combines photos into nice, easy-to-browse in-line photo albums so it doesn’t bury the rest of the conversation. It made sense for them to harness Flickr’s powerful photo management platform for its messaging product as well.

With iMessage, for example, it opts to send you a high-res photo, but it takes awhile to do so. In contrast, WhatsApp downgrades images in order to send them quicker. “But we thought: Why not have both?” Explained Austin Shoemaker, senior director of product management for Yahoo Messenger, “In most messaging apps, you have to decide between quality or speed,” and continues with saying “The new Yahoo Messenger achieves both speed and quality by streaming photos into the conversation” and “A small preview of the photo is uploaded and appears in the conversation.

The original photo is then uploaded in the background.” The photos are shared instantly in the message timeline and there’s no need to wait for that annoying upload progress bar, because the images are pushed and stored to the cloud immediately, with only a small cache sytored locally on the phone. And if you want, you can also go ahead and select the photo to download it in the full original quality. Additionally, if you send several photos at once, they’ll be displayed horizontally underneath the message.

What’s new in this one? On the new Yahoo Messenger, you can simply swipe through the photos from left to right and vice versa and you can view the photos while remaining in the context of the conversation. Apart from photos, the new Messenger also lets users send GIFs thanks to the extensive Tumblr database. Simply find the GIF you want from the search bar, select it and enter it in the message for a quick and funny way to spice up your conversations. Instead of relying on stickers or emoji, Yahoo is betting on GIFs. And it makes sense given that Yahoo also owns one of the most popular GIF database in the world. Overall, it looks like Facebook Messenger’s new GIF button that lets you search Giphy and Riffsy.


Like WeChat, WhatsApp and FB Messenger, there’s a desktop version at It lets you sign in, get all your previous conversations and send messages from your desktop. Yes, you’ll also find Yahoo Messenger in Mail, like Hangouts conversations in Gmail. Plus it’s compatible with Yahoo’s Account Key, which is Yahoo’s password-free authentication method that pushes a notification to your phone for account access. Future features include a more integrated search, in-line message editing and the ability to search past messages for specific GIFs.

If people around you start using Yahoo Messenger for a group conversation, you might end up creating group conversations yourself. You can get the new Yahoo Messenger app for both Android and iOS starting today, whereas the Messenger integration with Yahoo Mail will roll out over the next month or so.

(Download Yahoo Messenger for AndroidiOS and Web from here)

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