Shazam Can Now Add Tracks To Your Apple Music Playlists, Requires iOS 9.3 Update

Shazam for iOS is indeed plays more nicely with your Apple Music, which it didn’t waste any time releasing an update to its official app to take advantage of a new feature in the recently rolled out iOS iOS 9.3. Release brings the ability for third-party apps to access playlists on Apple Music, that’s relevant to its new songs, who sings this song and what song is this identification and discovery service.

If you’ve downloaded and updated your device to iOS 9.3, Shazam app itself sits with the latest version 9.4.1, from where you will now be able to add any track from Shazam to any of your playlists on Apple Music.

Shazam updated with support for Apple Music

Be first, you need to connect Shazam to Apple Music. To do so, simply navigate to the My Shazam tab in the app, to Settings by tapping the gear icon at the top right corner, and select “Connect to Apple Music.”

Once done, you’ll need to be Shazam connected to Apple Music and if you’ve already added any Shazam tracks to the list to any of your Apple Music, can go to the tracks’ details page, tapping the “+” icon at the top right corner, and by selecting “Add to Apple Music playlist.”

However, Shazam’s Apple Music integration also lets users find all of their saved tracks to a “My Shazam Tracks” playlist in Apple Music, allowing them listen directly to any song in its entirety through Apple Music without leaving Shazam.

Popular music discover app Shazam version 9.4.1 gains the ability to add songs to an Apple Music playlist and done through without leaving Shazam app. Now, it is able to identify music that is playing, offering up song titles, music videos, and more. As aforementioned, to use the feature, Shazam will need to be given permission to access and connect to Apple Music through the settings section of the app.

Shazam for iOS Can Now Add Songs to Apple Music Playlists

Songs can also be played in Apple Music, used to start a radio station, or opened in iTunes. With today’s update also gives Apple Music subscribers the ability to listen to a song in full with no way leaving the app. The new version of Apple Music is here – and it makes for an even better Shazam experience! Once you’ve upgraded to iOS 9.3, connect to Apple Music in Shazam settings and you’ll be able to:

– Add any Shazam track to any of your Apple Music playlists.
– Find all your Shazams conveniently saved to a ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist in Apple Music.
– Listen to any song in FULL, without leaving Shazam!

You can download Shazam for iPhone, iPad directly from the iOS App Store for free.

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