Siri Alternative: Hound With Fast Voice Assistant App Download Comes To iOS Store List

It seems that the new voice search and personal assistant app called Hound debuted on iOS that apparently outperforms Siri, Google Search and Cortana in terms of speed and voice recognition accuracy. Believe it and get detailed report on this Siri alternative app right below.


The creaters of music-recognition app SoundHound have developed the new app “Hound,” to take on Siri, that provides exremely fast responses to complex, nested natural language queries with highly accurate results and location-based suggestions. It uses a simple single-button inteface similar to Google Search app for users to tap and ask a question. Otherwise, users can say “Ok, Hound” to initiate a query, which can broach a multitude of subjects, including weather, directions, Uber, web seraces, local hotel, GPS navigation and restuarant queries altogether.

Alternatively, Hound app also initiates stock price, light status, time, alarm and timer requests, users can also activate a Shazam-style music recognition feature called “SoundHound Now,” which also esponds to sung and hummed queries. Insane!

The developers behind Hound are apparently reculant to disclose how the app is able to perform so perfectly compared to rivals voice-activated services. Many of the queries are already handled by Apple’s voice-enabled personal assistant Siri, however it is Hound’s reaction speed, language translation and search accuracy that make the app particularly noteworthy.


For instance, other digital assistant software translates what you speak into text and tries to figure out what you said, Hound is such an app that supposedly skips the step and dicihers your speech as it hears it, and give you the information just seconds later.

Despite Hound’s impressive abilities, iOS users will take to some convincing to adopt the app in replace of Siri, which comes pre-installed into Apple’s mobile operating system and can be voice-activated at any time without having to open the app.

According to The Verge.

The app is so fast that it can produce near real-time translations of whole sentences in other languages, and it can spit back mounds of requested data faster than you could ever possibly glean it from Google with a keyboard.


The software’s true appeal is understanding questions within questions and sussing out human context. You can give it sprawling, absurd requests nested inside other requests like, “What is the population and capitals of Japan and China, their area in square miles, and the population of India, and the area codes of France, Germany, and Spain?” and Hound will give you the information just seconds later.

It’s upto you being an iPhone or iPad owners, deciding whether to go the stock iOS way or going to broad third-party path. You can now download Hound app for your iOS device, which is available for free on the U.S. App Store and is far compatible with the likes of iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, and iPhone 6s.

(Download: Hound Voice Search & Assistant For Android)

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