Skype For Android And iOS Updates iPhone App With 3D Touch, Adds Video Message Filters [Download]

Skype is one of the most popular video calling app for iOS and Android, always looking for new ways to help users express themselves and recently launched new features such as Mojis, Skype Translator and their awesome range of new emoticons. Today, the channel is excited to debut video message filters for iPhone, iPad and Android – video effects that let user add more fun to their Skype video messages.

Released by Microsoft, Skype updates to both the Android and iOS platforms that let you add “fun” filters to your video messages, like a creepy inverted color scheme or goofy face stretching.

Video messages allow you to record short clips and send them to your Skype contacts to be viewed at any time and some moments can’t be captured by words or pictures alone, they don’t have to be online. Capture and share a fleeting memory, create a heartfelt reminder, or simply tell a friend or family member “wish you were here.”

In order to add a Video message filter you’ll only need to tap the added filter at the bottom left of the video message window, choose your desired filter to see it in action and like it then hit the record button.  And don’t worry if you like plain vanilla videos, since there’s something new for you as well.

Skype has now got support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, so you can quickly start a call or peek at a conversation. Users can Force Touch the Skype icon on home screen on 3D Touch-enabled iPhones to quickly search Skype contacts, start a call or chat and even access Skype’s dial pad, which brings Peek and Pop features to the app. Clicking any of these options takes you to that task in Skype instantly.

Skype making the most of iOS 9 to help improve multitasking and get you to your conversations faster using 3D Touch
Swiping up reveals more actions and a harder press will Pop the conversation into the foreground. You will be able to Force Touch Peek shared location, Photo, URL or contact inside any conversation and swipe up reveals more inclusions and actions and hard press to Pop it into.

The Skype update although brings the best capabilities to the iPhone and iPad with the version 6.5 help user manage conversations and share contacts. Furthermore, you being a Skype iOS or Skype Android user can now hide and delete chats from Recent ones by simply swiping or tapping the contacts. Edit and choose to either delete the whole chat history using chat menu.

Download the latest version of Skype for Android from the Play Store here. For iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store.

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