Skype iOS App Now Lets You Reply To Messages From Notifications, Split View, Slide Over, Spotlight Integration

Microsoft on this day announced updates to its Skype iPhone and iPad apps, primarily focusing on a slew of iOS 9-related features as full. Today, it has released an updated version Skype app for iPhone and adding multitasking support for iPad via the iOS App Store. In addition to offering the standard bug fixes and general performance improvements that every update seems to bring to any app. Version 6.3 of Skype is now available to download directly from the iTunes App Store.


Skype for iPad users can no onwards use Slide Over to bring another app of itself into view temporarily. On an iPad Air 2, Mini 4, or the next iPad Pro, Split View allows Skype to run simultaniously alongside a second title. Users who take advantage of the service on an iPad, can now expect to see support for iOS 9’s Slide Over and Split View feature sets. The introduction of Split View means that those interacting with Microsoft’s communication service are able to place another app of their choice side-by-side with Skype.

Owners of the iPad, Skype 6.3 is also giving the option to resize the applications as they see fit. With the support for Slide Over also means that end-users can briefly interact with yet another application whilst keeping Skype running. In addition to Slide Over and Split View, Microsoft has also joined the growing list of developers that are supporting iOS 9’s Quick Reply functionality.

It is something like just after initially being introduced in the native Messages app in iOS 8, Apple has now offered the API to third-party developers in order to integrate it into iOS apps. Skype also joins the likes of the official Twitter and Facebook Messenger apps in allowing users to quickly reply to incoming instant messages from a banner notification without actually having to invoke the app or leave a different app that may be running inthe background.


Try this out –  Settings > Notifications > Skype > Allow Notifications. Then choose whether you want Banners.

Both the iPad and iPhone users can reply to chats from lockscreen notifications, or start one from iOS 9’s Spotlight search. Update is finished off with the introduction of new Spotlight search features. Tapping on a Skype contact located in search results will launch directly into a chat and initiate conversations with those contacts directly from Spotlight with iOS 9. Skype is all about communication and making said one as easy as possible, this latest update shows that Microsoft is clearly serious about not only progressing Skype as a service, but nevertheless, alos fully embracing the new technologies offered by Apple.

What do you say?

The latest version is available to download now for iPhone and iPad, but however users will need to be running on iOS 9 to take complete advantage.

(Download: Skype for iPad from the App Store)
(Download: Skype for iPhone from the App Store)

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