Sling TV App Appears In Apple TV App Store, Hitting The Shelves Soon

Customers of Sling TV who are expected to see its channels on fourth-generation Apple TVs gets a good news, as you hope for a tvOS app may soon be able to watch Sling TV channels on Apple TV hitting an upcoming launch. As it briefly appears in Apple TV’s App Store, tipping at launch, could be coming in the near future. An user have came across a Sling TV app in the tvOS App Store, which he says “works great” after he downloaded it.

Currently, the Sling TV app disappeared from the tvOS App Store, just after installing it, but screenshots show the app interface, complete with Sling channels to select from, and shows off the Sling TV app on the home screen.

For those unfamiliar, this TV app is an Internet-based streaming television service aka called to be a dish network channels service, specifically designed for cord cutters. Sling TV offers a $20 bundle of channels that can be watched live on a range of devices. Yes! Can be viewed of iPhones and iPads to Macs, consoles, and set-top boxes like the Amazon Fire TV and the Roku.

On the third-gen Apple TV, Sling TV support is denyed because Apple placed strict control over the available content options, but you can watch Sling TV channels on Apple TV 4, where the iOS maker has loosened up its guidlines to make a much wide range of content available. To secure its own deals for a streaming TV service, Apple has turned to making the tvOS App Store a way for content providers to offer a varied and rich selection of media streaming options.

Speculations already there speaking about Apple had banned Sling from creating an Apple TV app, but a Sling representative later claimed that was not true, saying “We’d like to be on as many platforms as possible.”

However, the screenshots obtained this morning by that reader seem to suggest that an Sling TV app for Apple TV is in the works and it could be released in the near future, may be at March 21st media event.

(Via: MacRumors)

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