Springtomize 3 With Support For iOS 8.4 Released

Popular jailbreak tweak Spingtomize 3 for iOS 8.4 has just been updated to support the latest version of iOS, and is right now available to download from Cydia store. We have shared this will happen in a few days, as it was expected soon and finally the developer of this Springboard tweak has made it official. In recent years it has indeed established itself as the go-to utility for modifying hundreds of little aspects of Apple’s iOS operating system. Springtomize operates as an all-in-one service that ultimately combines the prowess of dozens of other best tweaks, which has already announced an updated version of Springtomize 3 for iOS 8, the author has now gone and rolled out it for those iPhones, iPads and iPod toch devices who are running on iOS 8.4.

List of favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks from Cydia has also been updated, which can be shared right after this post. Springtomize will more often than not make it into the list, why? Reason is simple, the amount of customization, freedom and power Springotize 3 offers is second to none.

Springtomize jailbreak tweak allows users to after and customize just about any part of iOS. From the Home Screen, Lock Screen, dock to Control Center, folders, status bar and much more, there is very little that this Springtomize can’t do, and that is. There are a bunch of options to choose from. In short: Springtomize 3 is the only tweak to rule them all in the transforming department.

Where users previously gad to download a number of tweaks to get the setup they wanted. Now that Springtomize will be all-in-one solution they need to tweak iOS any which way they desire. Perfect! You can do things such as increase the number of apps in the dock to 10, give the dock a cool coverflow effect, change the duration of the system-wide animations, remove page limits, customize the default animations, customize the lock screen, hide stock app icons and lots more.


Package of the tweak has now been updated on Cydia to fully support the recently released TaiG iOS 8.4 jailbreak, ensuring that users get the latest and greatest turning point options out there in the jailbreak world, regardless of the version of iOS they may be running on. After all its an iOS transformation package!

The skin pack (tweak) is available to download directly from the BigBoss repository in Cydia 1.1.8 and currently supports iPhones, iPads and iPods on iOS 8.4.

For tutorials on how to jailbreak iOS 8.4, check out:

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