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One of the most popular messaging app, Viber for iPhone has today been updated with full support for the iPad, making the app much more fludic as a cross-platform messaging solution. Competition in plently can be seen regarding aginst Viber, not having an iPad app was a glaring omission on Viber’s part. Now that with Viber amongst the long list of apps that have been iPhone and iPad support in a single binary.

Not any loger, if you already have Viber installed on your iPhone, the new update also comes with the support for the iPad Viber app as well. It’s also called to be the instant messaing platform and the second most popular chat program, trailing behind the Facebook-owned WhatsApp. iPad support of Viber is a big deal, though the app now takes full advantage of everything your tablet can do and display. Check this out!

With Viber, your phone number is your notification and what exactly makes even more impressive is that Viber has made its app available to non-smartphone devices. App alkso features a coice over IP component that puts Viber service squarely into rivarly with Microsoft-owned Skype and means that the iPad just gained another VoIP and instant messenger solution thans to the newly updated app. Where you don’t have to scroll up and down as much to see what you’ve said in the past half hour, because you’ve got your iPad’s entire screen to display the chat history.

Available as a free update to the existing Viber iPhone app, where this new universal app can be downloaded from the App Store right now. Viber on iPad allows for free HD quality calls as well as instant messaging with the usual group messaging and sticker functionality that we have come to expect from such an app these days. Looks like nothing can survive on the App Store without a sort of advanced emoji or sticker support right away, and Viber has wisely joined the treat.


Drawback: It’s great that Viber has come all its way to the iPad support, but still have some major issues on how the instant messaging platform works. You cannot have the app active on both the iPhone and iPads at the same time, beacuse of limitations on Viber’s end: Even though you now get full iPad support, and everything syncs to your iPhone or iPod touch, you have to deactivate the app on your smaller iOS device before you can activate it on the larger. To switch devices evrytime, you have to go into the ‘More Options’ menu on the device, then select Settings -> Privacy -> Deactivate Account.

Final word: With over 500 million users, Viber is one of the larger competitors in an already hugely vibrant instant messaging and VoIP calling corner of the App Store. The arrival of iPad support will make Viber all the more attractive to those who currently user services such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or the old faithful Skype.


One more unique feature that Viber aapp for iPad would be, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full amount of real estate the larger screen of the iPad gives you for chatting with your friends and family. Viber is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is available on the App Store for free.

Note: Credit and sticker packs can be had through in-app purchases starting at $0.99. Installed Viber on your iPhone or iPad? No, then its time to get downloaded right from here. It’s free, so there’s no harm in giving it a spin.

(Download: Viber for iOS on the App Store)

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