Vine For iOS 9 Updated With ‘For You’ Personalized Channel [Download Link]

Vine for iOS launches its Apple Watch app, which allows users to see content from two main feeds, alongside their stars and the ability to like. And supports private video messaging and which is being a free application that can be used to create short 6 second videos. You can then insert the mini-montages into your Twitter stream or facebook news feed. Certainly being a fully-fledged social network, you can also like the videos you enjoy, follow users, add hashtags to what you post to increase popularity and much many more. Now that the iOS Vine app gets updated with an all-new tweak called ‘For You’, so that you can personalize channels on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Vine Gets A Personalized Channel Just 'For You'.

The Vine app’s new feature makes video discovery pretty easier than earlier, where the six seconds video sharing site is receiving a For You personalized channel. The latest algorithm will eventually provide users with videos it thinks match your interests.

The Vine’s For You channel is situalted in a new section at top f the Vine for iOS app. You can simply need to tap on it to open it. ‘For You’ will suggest you the accounts where you don’t follow but what Vine thinks about might interest you. The feature is limited to iOS at the moment.

The ‘For You’ tab will definitely offer personalized content and its been the first to introduced in iOS and for Android roll out soon.

Here’s what Vine had to say about it today:

Our home feeds on Vine are filled with posts from the accounts we follow across comedy, music, sports and more. The world of entertainment on Vine extends far beyond our home feeds. There’s a ton of great content created by accounts you may not follow, and we’re bringing those posts to you.

You’ll see a new section at the top of the app, pointing you to the For You channel. Tap it to dive in. This is rolling out first on iOS and will be coming to Android before you know it.

(Download: Vine for iOS free from iTunes App Store)

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