What Is WhatsTools For WhatsApp To Share Files Via IM For Android

WhatsApp, one of the most popular and hyped instant messaging service, acquired by the big social network giant Facebook. WhatsApp is the best mobile messaging app available for all the platforms, like Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Also includes BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian OS and many more. In addition to sending text messages over internet, it also allows users to share and send images, Audio files and video clips with each other. But with limitations on the raze, and has no built-in option to send other file types such as PDF, DOC, APK etc. Video size limited to 16MB if you decide to share or send it via WhatsApp, nevertheless allowed you to trim and compress those clips before sending. To get rid of such WhatsApp restrictions for file transfers, four big brothers have introduced an add-on pack, called WhatsTools.


It allows you to share Apps, Docs, Pdf or other files up to 1GB via SMS and Instant Messaging apps through WhatsApp Messenger. Trick to send any file type using WhatsTools advanced file sharing for WhatsApp. Installed on your phone. Download WhatsTools directly from Android Play Store for free.

How to share large audio or videos files, pdfs, Docs etc.

1. Once you downloaded WhatsTools, install it right away

2. Open the app and it will prompt you to enable background services

3. Click Ok to continue and turn on WhatsTools Service

4. Via WhatsApp: Click on Attach button in chat window to show WhatsTools share menu. Next click on attach button in WhatsApp or ‘+’ button in WhatsTools – connect to Google Drive. You will be asked to authorize Google Drive app. Click allow.


5. WhatsTools will then create a new folder in your Google Drive with a name WhatsTools. Once completed, you can start Sharing.

6. Now you can send any file type by using attach button in WhatsTools to share or can directly do so using file manager. Long press any file, select share option “Via WhatsTools to Anywhere”. It be with WhatsApp or any other IM in your phone.


7. Wait until WhatsTools upload the selected file to your Google Drive’s newly created folder. Point here to be noted it that the transfers depens upon the file size and your internet connection. Both the end users doesn’t need to install WhatsTools app. Only the sender requires it to be installed on his or her device.

WhatsTools: Share Files via IM for Android

Share any type of file including installed apps, APKs, Archives, Docs, EBooks, Videos of up to 1 GB via any Instant messaging app installed in your phone. Up To 1GB, WhatsTools allows you to send files, Cross-platform. To iPhone, Windows Phone & BlackBerry. The receiver is on another platform will get a link opened in the browser and the suer can download file from the webpage. You can copy the download link and share it anywhere through SMS, Email or Social Media Platforms.

File sharing is not limited to SMS or IM’s. After clicking the share button, you will given option to share the link to several platforms including SMS, Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google +, Facebook and all those IM apps which are installed on your device. At this time we will select WhatsApp.

(Download: WhatsTools Advanced File Sharing & More for WhatsApp)

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