WhatsApp For iOS And Android Now Makes It Impossible To Ignore Annoying People In Group Chats


WhatsApp has immediately added the ability for iOS and Android users in group chats to tag other participants, so they receive a notification even when muted the conversation. The new feature works on both WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS versions, but not on the WhatsApp Web desktop app.

Finally but quietly updated its Android and iOS app, WhatsApp brings the mentions feature to group chats. Users can now tag their friends while having a conversation in a WhatsApp group. If you’re in a number of groups that you didn’t ask to be invited to, you may like this feature. But if you’re lucky enough to be a part of productive and positive group chats, this new one certainly come in a handy manner to keep conversations on track.

To tag someone, you will need to only enter the ‘@‘ symbol, followed by their name; you can choose a contact from the menu that pops up. Additionally, you can also tag multiple contacts in a single message. Nevertheless, it works with contacts that you haven’t saved to your address book, but are part of the same group chat as you.

The mentions feature inside WhatsApp for iOS and Android is a bit similar to Twitter and Facebook. The feature only works in a group chat, and it is not applicable for individual chats thereafter.

With the new tagging feature, the Facebook-owned messaging service is making it even easier to keep conversations alive with multiple contacts. The rest you can try it for yourself right away.

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