WhatsApp for iOS Updated With ‘Starred Chat Messages’ Bookmarking Inclusion

iPhone users have evidently received a new update WhatsApp iOS version that brings with it a new chats bookmarking feature and more to describe. This is WhatsApp for iOS’s new inclusion that should be taking points in a new ‘Starred Messages’, which essentially lets users bookmark particular chat messages, and that too limited to the iOS app and not for Android WhatsApp, Windows Phone apps, but users might have to wait a bit longer to get it.

The Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp for iOS has started rolling out a the new feature in the form of an app update, which as said, aims to let users quickly access bookmarked messages including images, vides, or other content. For that, WhatsApp iOS users now be able to ‘Star’ a message using tap and hold gesture. Then the message would be saved in a seperate new ‘Starred Messages’ tab. The feature is new and is available for WhatsApp Groups as well.

Starred Messages feature update is seeded to users in the WhatsApp for iOS version 2.12.7 and is likely to reach Android and Windows Phone soon. The last update of WhatsApp was made in August which broyght a new custom notifications to Android, lets users to select custom options for tones, vibrartion length, popup notifications, light, and call alerts tone. The update also brought mark as unread feature that allows users to mark a chat as unread by just tapping and holding any conversation. Low data usage option for voice calls was also added.

iOS in August also get access to the WhatsApp Web client, which was actualkly released in Januray for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users. To use it, users need to simply head over to the WhatsApp Web site and scan a QR code on the desktop screen via the WhatsApp on your mobile, and connected to the internet to send and receve your messages, so your mobile needs to be internet connected throughgout.

If you find yourself with WhatsApp v2.12.7 update tickling on your iOS device, just update it. Once done, users will need to long press on a particular chat message, which is placed on the tab alongside Info, Copy, Forward and Delete options. By clicking on this ‘Star’ button, it will bookmark it, and can then be accessed easily under a new window called Starred Messages under the profile section. The Star Messages feature is not limited to individual chats, and also works in groups.


You can now download WhatsApp for iOS version 2.12.7 from here.

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