You Can Now Use Android Pay To Remit For In-App Purchases Right Away

Google is finally making it easier for in-app purchases by delivering Android Pay support to bargain physical goods and services as opposed to digital quarters to make free-to-play games go.

As promised in September, Google has integrated Android Pay with a feature that let users “speed through mobile checkout” in their favorite apps. Several companies out there have already been taking advantage of the Android Pay’s update API and although backed in a button for the digital wallet service.

Users can now be able to just tap for payment and confirmation of goods and services from Lyft, OpenTable, SpotHero, ParkWhiz,, Handy, Fancy, Hotel Tonight, Instacart, Houzz, JackThreads, Vinted, Wish and others. Point to be noted, Android Pay never shares your card details with merchants.

No more pulling out your credit card while on-the-go,” says Google. “No more errors thanks to clumsy thumbs. Just tap the Android Pay button in the app, confirm your information, and you’re done! And just like your purchases in stores.”

The Google’s Android Pay rival. Apple Pay already supports in-app purchases. It did so from day one, but apparently Android mobile payment inintiative is off to a solid start. Google also speaks that “There are now over 1 million locations across the United States that already accept tap and pay, with more being added every day. In short, the response from customers and merchants has been tremendous.”

To kick start the rollout of in-app purchases, the feature’s pioneering apps are offering deep discounts. OpenTable is offering a deal of $20 less on dinner bills, Vinted on the other hand will to take 30% off its “preloved” clothing and while Lyft will take $10 off on fare for a ride through its ridesharing network.

Android Pay is now started getting grip, but it still has more work to be done to catch up to Apple Pay, which launched a full year before Android Pay. What do you think?

Google now has its own sights set on Australia, the next country to receive Android Pay. It plans to manage the service delivery to Australia in the first half of 2016 and says it expects to reach more countries globally in the next year.

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