You Can Play Ms. Pac-Man On Google Maps Until April 4, Here’s How To

Ms Pac-Man is now on her way through your twon on Google Maps for April Fools Day. If you open up Google Maps at a point today you might notice something different. Well, Google has injected a dose of Pac-Man into Google Maps. Allowing the user to play through as much of the classic arcade game as they want, and to be accurate, Google Maps morphs into Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools Day. Google confirmed the in-feature game will be only be available until April 4, accessible via the desktop version of Maps, and of course, the Android Maps app version. With one fundamental difference between two variants, there does seem.

Ms . Pac-Man Google Maps

It’s easy enough, Google Maps has been given an April Fools makeover and letting users play seminal 1980s arcade game Ms Pac-Man in streets across the UK. Here’s how to play Ms Pac-Man in your web browser, iOS and Android platform.

If you are accessing Ms. Pac-Man through the Android version of Maps, you will be redirected to a random part of the world and interact with the game in that location. Given the facft that, the desktop version of Maps offers some additional ways to interact with the game including playing Ms. Pac-Man in your current location. It is worth noting that even on the desktop Maps version, if you live in a less road-condensed area then the game is unable to be initiated as Ms. Pac-Man requires a number of roads to be able to be played. When doing so on the desktop in these instances, Google will offer the option of trying a random location – as it does naturally on the Android app version.

The first time Google included Pac-man within Maps was two years ago, just in time for April Fool’s Day. Today, Google made the same feature available. The difference was that it was the original Pac-Man game and not Ms. Pac-Man. Previously offered the ability to play in your current Maps location on an Android device. So if you did play the game two years ago, you will definitely be less inclined to give one a try this time around. It is also worth noting that this is not the only April Fool’s related gag from Google this year, as the company also unveiled a new Google Gnome device – which is a Google Home that is specifically designed for your garden.

To play Ms Pac-Man in your browser, simply navigate to In the bottom left corner, you will find an option to switch to satellite images. There, Google has added a button to launch Ms. Pac-Man.

Controlling Pac-Man is simple. Tap on the up, down, left and right arrows to move the iconic chomping yellow circle through the streets to collect dots and cherries. Just remember, that you are not going to collect or hit these dots, simply avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Playing Ms Pac-Man on Google’s iOS and Android mobile apps differ slightly. There’s still a banner in the lower-third of the screen advertising the game, which you can drag up and tap to play Ms Pac-Man. Alternatively, you will also find a round icon on the right hand-side, too.

Especially, some users have reported that the iOS version of the game will let you choose a location by navigating there and then launching the game, whereas the Android version will transport the player to a randomized spot each time. Additionally, Ms. Pac-Man is controlled by swiping on the touchscreen.

For that, Google has ranked cities by High Scores, which can be viewed from the Android and iOS apps. Enjoy!

Play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps straight from here.

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