AppSync Unified 6.1 For iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak Released

AppSync Unified is a tweak that allows you for the installation of modified IPA packages on an iOS device. Developer Angelxwind has officially released AppSync Unified 6.1 with full iOS 11 support, offering compatibility with device jailbroken using the final version of Electra jailbreak.

Installation of AppSync Unified and jailbreaking are for freedom of your iOS device. If your device is not jailbroken, you will not be able to install AppSync Unified. The availability of this update comes a number of weeks after the developer initially teased that an iOS 11 compatibility release was coming.

The extensive and very popular package formally known as just AppSync has become a staple installation on jailbroken devices amongst developers who are looking for a way to install unsigned IPAs to their test devices.

Furthermore, Unified version of this tweak is only available on Karen’s Cydia repo which is accessible with Cydia app which can be achieved only after jailbreaking. This tweak has been put together for the purpose of facilitating development and making things easier for those developers who aren’t already registered on Apple’s official Developer Program and who otherwise have no official way of signing their apps to be installed to physical devices.

Without AppSync Unified, those aforementioned developers would also be forced to either pay Apple an annual fee or test their apps on the iOS Simulator provided as part of the Xcode installation.

For some jailbroken users, unfortunately, AppSync Unified may not be a staple installation as it doesn’t bring any entertainment value or functionality improvements to the iOS system. It actually patch installs as part of PackageKit, is a daemon that handles the installation of App Store apps and therefore checks the validity of said apps. Patching this as part of its experience essentially forces iOS to allow the installation of non-official or unsigned applications.

This app has actually being a wonderful job of this ever since the iOS 3.1 days, and now, thanks to this update. AppSync Unified continues to do that on iOS 11 but also supports as far back as iOS 5 as well as offering full arm64 support.

If you’ve ever used AppSync Unified, or read anything about it, it’s likely that you will have read that this package has not been put together to facilitate piracy of any kind whatsoever. The tweak itself is a very valid person and be installed and used for that purpose only, in order to allow developers to create the best possible experiences without being hamstrung by Apple’s forced limitations.

For those wanted, AppSync Unified 6.1 is live now with iOS 11 compatibility at Angelxwind’s Cydia repository:

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