AppSync Unified For iOS 10 / 10.2 Jailbreak Is In The Works

Many found AppSync Unified as one of the working tweak at the moment when all other AppSync app versions failed to deliver the support to install IPA files. The developer behind the popular jailbreak tweak has confirmed iOS 10 – 10.2 support coming soon for the extremely popular tweak for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Posting the update via Twitter, developer of AppSync Unified jailbreak app has suggested that the cause of a major crash on iOS 10 has been found and that development of an Unified will continue, hopefully with an AppSync update compatible with latest jailbreak hitting on Cydia soon. AppSync has been around and available via Cydia since ages. Love it or hate it, it has now become a habitual part of the jailbreak solution for a lot of iPhone and iPad owners experiencing over the years.


Like other top tweaks, it has regularly been updated with the developer ensuring compatibility with modern devices running all new versions of Apple’s iOS platform. Like other popular tweaks, it seems that bringing iOS 10 compatibility is one reason of the most difficult challenges yet that the developer appears to be actively working on.

For those that haven’t experienced AppSync yet, or who want to know what actually its feature in offer, is basically a tweak that allows jailbroken iOS devices to have non-signed apps installed to them. Generally speaking, Apple’s own apps, and those typically installed via the App Store from third-party developers, are signed with a certificate that’s valid and trusted by the iOS ecosystem as safe. AppSync does away with that security requirement – but only on jailbroken devices – by patching ‘installed’ to allows the installation of fake-signed IPA packages.

Next, there’s an immediate use case that would be put forward for the existence of such a tweak. In fact it relatively easily allow device owners to install and run hacked apps on their devices, furthermore negating the need for them to be paid for via the App Store.


What’s negative point here, the developer is adamant that AppSync should be used for good to support developers, and hat it’s the perfect companion for the installation of a number of gaming emulators that haven’ been through the signing process and otherwise, whic would allowed it to be distributed through the App Store due to Apple’s guidelines.

Currently, the developer has asked iOS 10 users to not install the app on their iPhone or iPad as it will cause damage to the device, getting into a boot loop. There’s no timescale on when the iOS 10 update will be released, but rest assured AppSync fans, it is on its way in the near future.

(source: @angelXwind [Twitter])

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