AppSync Unified iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Jailbreak Support Confirmed, Soon Coming

Yes, it has been briefed and said to be coming soon. Popular jailbreak tweaks AppSync Unified will support iOS 11 as well as iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak according to the developer who has confirmed the fact. Here’s everything you need to know.

Finally. The developer behind the extremely liked jailbreak tweaks AppSync Unified has given clarification on the future of the package. angelXwind has officially announced that she is in the process of updating AppSync Unified with iOS 11 compatibility for use with recent jailbreak solutions.

As far as AppSync Unified is concerned, it appears to have been a busy few months for angleXwind to consider.

Most developers find themselves hamstrung and unable to offer compatibility for various new versions of iOS until an actual jailbreak arrives. And yes, AppSync Unified was updated with iOS 10.3.3 supporting the h3lix jailbreak back in late December. And now, the good news surface at the same level of support seems to be on cards for iOS 11 for those who jailbreak with Electra or LiberiOS.

AppSync has been one of the best jailbreak tweaks which have consistently benefited from a caring approach and continues a stream of updates to support new and major versions of iOS.

The tweak originally released back in the iOS 7 days and has been updated on a steady basis ever since to offer iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, and hopefully, in the very future, iOS 11 support for all of those iPhone and iPad owners who are running a liberated version of iOS 11.

Unfortunately, there’s no update for Cydia and Substrate available though, means no iOS 11 support and installation of Cydia with the available jailbreaks is possible. It does otherwise mean that users will need to manually install the AppSync Unified tweak when it’s made available.

It’s unlikely that AppSync Unified will come with any additional capabilities when it’s released with iOS 11 support. From a feature and functionality perspective, bringing it up to speed with Apple’s latest firmware will be a big challenge for angleXwind. It’s reasonable to assume that this will surely be a compatibility update rather than an overhaul and improvement upgrade.

When functionality is distributed, AppSync Unified will still be the tweak that allows unsigned IPAs to be installed to jailbroken devices outside of the official iOS App Store. And, it will still be that tweak that has been built for legitimate purposes rather than anything horrible that its functionality may allow.

There was no released timeline for the release, with angleXwind highlighting that she simply plans to release an iOS 11 update pretty soon. More information as and when we have it.

(Thanks: @angleXwind [Twitter])

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