Are You Happy With Twitter Timeline In Facebook Style With Tweets [Reports]

Soon you will be experiencing the meltdown happening on Twitter that is going to completely change its timelines to algorithimic feeds, and show off something of what Facebook timelines-style with tweets and no longer in chronological order. Don’t be confused or buzzed with, as Twitter may switch to an “algorithmic” method of displaying tweets be relevance, instead of the current way to showing them in reverse-chronological order, like a backwards timeline. Details on this change and how much it can hold now can be found right after this jump.

Now, Twitter is thinking to becoming more like Facebook, which estimates what users will be interested in and shows those posts first. People, who already on Twitter can always switch back to a straight timeline on facebook, but unfortunately the setting isn’t that easy to find.

Good thing is that Twitter hasn’t commented on the report as of, but we also don’t know if it’s true or either don’t know if the switch will be mandatory to people who will be able to choose. Nevertheless, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey used the social media network to resond to a report that the site will roll out changes next week to user timelines by organizing tweets using an algorithm instead of the standard, chronological order.

I want you all to know we’re always listening,” Dorsey writes. “We never planned to reorder timelines next week.”

He says that Twitter will continue towork to refine what users see on timelines. “We love the live stream. It’s us. And we’re going to continue to refine it to make Twitter feel more, not less, live!

According to Buzzfeed, the change would tweak Twitter’s algorithm to place tweets. Well! Twitter thinks that users really want to see the most higher up on timelines, and anyhow, the report doesn’t say whether users would be able to flip to a chronological order, though.

If it did make a change then what it would look like? Facebook uses a process where it moves “Top Stories” to the top of users’ News Feed, but at the same time they have the option to switch to Most Recent updates. Such a change would be significant for Twitter, since the micro-blogging established itself as an important hub for live updates during breaking news events.

So, the change would have been the latest effort by Twitter team to spark growth in its monthly user base. Twitter although introduced Moments to highlight top stories trending on Twitter, and CEO has hinted at dropping Twitter’s 140-character limit for tweets. As for now, Twitter users reacted to the potential change, and are definitely seem not happy. The most popular U.S. trend on Twitter as of February 6th was #RIPTwitter.

This proves a few things. First, people on Twitter like nothing else more than complaining about Twitter on Twitter. Second thing, people hate change. In fact, Twitter needs to increase engagement and it hasn’t been adding significant numbers of new users for over a year now and even haven’t stalled out around 300 million monthly users.

What do you think about the changed Twitter timeline with tweets, coming soon?

Update x1: Twitter CEO denies timeline changes, talks #RIPTwitter.

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