ASUS Chromebook C301SA Is Here: Features 1080P Screen, 64GB Storage And Available At Cheaper $299 Price Tag

Usually you won’t be getting much storage space for a Chromebook you purchase anytime, since you are working with a browser-based operating system and run web apps on your Chome browser. But that wasn’t the case here, as Google already announced that they’ll be bringing Android apps and Android games into the Chome OS, then tipped that they’ll be needing internal storage pretty soon, and hopefully at an affordable price offering. Happened officially? Some online retail stores are carrying the ASUS Chromebook C301SA with Intel power and went on sale currently.


The Taiwan-based manufacturer Asus is on a roll as it is now set to release a new Chromebook device, that too with more storage to surf. When compared to other Chromebooks, they actually range from 16GB to 32GB storage spaces because of the fact that aforementioned. Nevertheless, the new ASUS Chromebook C301SA rapidly boasts 64GB of eMMc storage.

That might not to be much compared to hardware other than devices comes with more, but 64GB is already massive for a Chromebook, and that too it’s being a portable personal computer hands on where you can carry it, store movies, you might likely need to choose this one.

Features and Specs

Under-thehood, Asus Chromebook C301SA will be running on the power-efficient Intel Celeron quad-core Braswell CPU. It carries a 4GB of RAM and it adheres to WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and USB Type-C 3.0 port.


The Asus C301SA Chromebook will also have a 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. And it’s not a touchscreen device, so users be aware that some apps for Android may not be working as they should.


Price and Release Date

Google Chromebooks are generally friendly to consumers’ wallets because of its minimal specs are usually basic. The large storage space for more Android apps in the ASUS C301SA makes it one step forward to more expensive Chromebook models as it is currently listed for pre-order at $299 on B&H. Alternatively, compared to other high-capacity storage options in the market right now, which actually start at about $500, the device is deemed more affordable.

Note: Asus is also the first manufacturer to release a Chromebook with Google Play and Android app support. The ASUS Chromebook C301SA is expected to go live n sale starting August 21.

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