How This Bootloader For ASUS ZenFone 2 Can Now Be Unlocked, Only If Running The Latest Firmware

Although ASUS ZenFone 2 has become the proven series of popular device currently in the market, with its reasonable price and high-end specs. Here is another tweak ready to unlock your ZenFone 2 bootloader, which is an unofficial one. Achieved by crafty XDA Developers member, which eventually allows users to develop custom ROMs for the popular smartphone.


This new bootloader unlock method is not terribly messy and further its a good news for those looking for such material. But the procedure requires users to update the Asus ZenFone 2 to the latest firmware 2.19.40. The latter is not available for all ZenFone 2 units out there, so a little workout and patience is still required.

Point to be noted is that it also need root, which is somewhat hard to gain on ZenFone. Then you should just be able to enter the following ADB commands to unlock. Rooting the Intel-based device is also necessary.

adb shell
getprop ro.isn > /factory/asuskey
reboot bootloader

Instructions for unlocking the bootloader are available at the source link provided below. Advised you to be aware of the risk factors that involves, including bricking your device, compromising its security, and voiding its warranty.

Once done, and reboot your device, the boot screen should be white instead of black, indicating the bootloader is unlocked. Use caution. Now that there’s a bootloader unlock, developers can start getting custom recoveries and ROMs running on the Zenfone 2.

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