AT&T 5G Roadmap Details: Trials To Begin This Year With 10-100 Times Faster Speeds Than 4G LTE

AT&T given the fact that it’s ready to conduct “5G” field trails by the end of the year, following a similar announcement from Verizon Wireless. 5G roadmap laid out by AT&T that will see consumers in the United States who are part of the ATT’s experience offered the next-generation of super-sonic, flexible wireless connectivity that beats 4G LTE with a 10 to 100 nots. The U.S. based network has confirmed via an official press release that it will wok closely with Intel and Ericsson on planned 5G trails in order to exhibit a strong platform for futuristic services internally during the second quarter of this year.

The race to 5G wireless continues with AT&T unveiling its roadmap will move trails out of the lab and into the field later this year as part of its effort to accelerate wireless download speeds by 10 to 100x time more faster than the times over current average LTE. Streaming videos are expected to become even faster service, now.

AT&T has confirmed that the internal tests will begin in the company’s labs during the Q2 of 2016. 5G tests will be backed up by the expertise of Intel and Erricsson as the company looks to trail out technologies such as millimeter waves, network functions virtualization (NFV), and software-defined networking (SDN). AT&T makes it clear that all of these individual technologies will form part of the larger 5G experience when it actually becomes mainstream.

Efficient 5G networks will deliver multi-gigabit downloads and streams and support 4K video, virtual reality, self-driving cars and other IoT demands that “will drive the next wave of traffic growth,” say AT&T.

So at 1Gbps, AT&T 5G will let customers download a TV show in less than 3 seconds, the US carrier said. Latency will also drop to as little as 1 to 5 milliseconds, and when compated it to LTE’s 10ms to 30ms network latency. The technology will also deliver long battery life up to 10 years for IoT sensors.

Pending successful internal trails, AT&T and choosen partners are of course looking forward to move onto the next level with outdoor trails begenning hopefully over the summer period. Those outdoor trails would then grace the way for actual 5G field trails, which are currently penciled to take place in Austin, Texas before the end of the calendar year. As!

We plan to collaborate with Ericsson and Intel to work on 5G solutions in our labs starting in the second quarter of this year, with outdoor tests and trials over the summer. And, we expect field trials of 5G technologies to provide wireless connectivity to fixed locations in Austin before the end of this year.”

For its part, rival Verizon has announced last September that it planned to launch technology fields trails of 5G in 2016. Now AT&T said that it will use 5G to provide wireless connectivity to fixed locations, set the stage for widespread commercial and mobile availability once tech standards for 5G are established, the company said.

A lot of talk about what 5G will actually bring to consumers with compatible devices in question. AT&T speculates that the technology should willingly deliver speeds 10-100 times faster than the average 4G LTE speeds that are offered right now. It’s predicted that consumers will definitely be talking about their device connection and download speeds in terms of “gigabits” per second rather than “megabit” per second as we currently do.


Headline here is that to learn that networks are proactively looking to trail 5G technology in the hope of increasing data speeds and opening up the door for new experiences to be offered, such like as enhanced video and Virtual Reality (VR). Still important to remember that consuming this tech will require a compatible 5G mobile phone or smart tablet. Got it!

(Source: AT&T)

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