AT&T Launches $35 Smart Wi-Fi Extender To Boost Coverage By Up To 1,000 Sq. Feet

AT&T has launched the “AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender,” a new device built to enable a stronger signal and more consistent Wi-Fi throughout your landscape. Otherwise, AT&T has taken the wraps off of the Smart Wi-Fi Extender which is designed to establish a woofing Wi-Fi signal in home area in which a connection mat prove troublesome without it.

AT&T’s product is one that keeps devices connected to the internet as you move from one place (room) to another. Designed for customers of its internet subscription, the one-box solution is intended to allow people to move all over the house without the concern of their internet connection failure due to poor Wi-Fi reception.

The products like Smart Wi-Fi Extender is specifically for customers with an AT&T internet subscription who have Wi-Fi gateways 5268AC or BGW210, boosting coverage by up to 1,000 square feet and reducing network congestion.

According to AT&T, this box automatically selects the “best and fastest available wireless internet connection” for every device that you connect to the Internet within your home. Tricks, providing the very best connection each and every time one is established. AT&T also created the extender in partnership with AirTies.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost, though, with each Smart Wi-Fi Extender costing $34.99, though AT&T does say that mesh systems with similar technology and features in the market cost considerably more, maybe hundreds of dollars. It appears that the Wi-Fi Extender was available for some AT&T customers to purchase ahead of the wider launch this week.

That’s why we are introducing the new AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender – a state-of-the-art device that gives you the strongest Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home. Its mesh technology keeps your devices connected as you move around, so you experience a seamless connection everywhere. Now you can stream, download, surf, and work on your devices anywhere, worry free. No dropped connection as you step into the backyard. No more interruptions or watching the football freeze in mid-air.

This 4-inch box is a 100Mbps dual-band concurrent wireless access point that includes a port for 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (both 802.11ac and 802.11n) and a power cable as well as being backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g wireless standards. The whole thing can obviously connect to an existing AT&T setup and then be managed via the Smart Home Manager mobile app for those who like to get their hands dirty.

Note: Using the app, users can also change their network name and password, check who is connected to the network, invite guests to join with a text or email, and contact customer service in a chatroom.

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